tien len z

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  tien len z


  Tien Len is a Vietnamese card game with the goal of shedding all of the cards from your hand before any other player. You must beat combinations that have been played by other players in order to shed as many cards as possible. Be strategic, create combinations, and win the game!

  There are many variations of the game that allow for longer gameplay and additional players.


  The dealer is randomly chosen by the group for the first round, then whoever loses will become the dealer for the remaining rounds. The dealer will then deal each player thirteen cards. The remaining cards can be placed to the side, as they will not be used.

Card Ranking

  From highest to lowest, the cards are ranked as follows: 2s, Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10s, 9s, 8s, 7s, 6s, 5s, 4s, and 3s. The suits are also ranked highest to lowest as follows: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and then Spades.

Trước:ban ca 68 ios
Tiếp theo:tỷ lệ ngoại hạng
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